Why Vanessa Hudgens Was “Extremely Surprised” By Fiancé Cole Tucker’s Proposal – E! Online

This love story is what Vanessa Hudgens has been looking for.

Less than two months after confirming her engagement to baseball player Cole Tucker, the High School Musical star still can’t get over the private proposal she experienced.

“I was extremely surprised,” she told People in an interview published March 16. “We had definitely talked about it, but I did not expect it to happen the way that it happened and the moment that it happened. It definitely caught me off guard and I was bawling my eyes out.”

While the couple hasn’t shared when or where the proposal happened, Vanessa confirmed her relationship status on Instagram Feb 9 when she flashed her engagement ring with the caption, “YES. We couldn’t be happier.”

And while attending the 2023 Oscars on March 12, Vanessa showcased her new piece of bling when interviewing Hollywood’s biggest stars on the red carpet.

“It’s gorgeous,” she told People when praising her ring. “I love it. I get distracted by it all the time.”

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