Shanquella Robinson’s Friends Allegedly Requested To Be Taken To Dinner Following Her Death – Baller Alert

Additional details are being uncovered regarding the unfortunate passing of Shanquella Robinson, who traveled to Cabo San Lucas with “friends” for a vacation.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Suni Jehseel Popoca Millan, the concierge for the villa where Shanquella was staying, recently informed the police that her friends were allegedly laughing and requested to be taken to dinner after Shanquella was declared deceased.

“I left that area and stayed outside to give them space to grieve; minutes later, I heard laughter,” Popoca Millan said.

Although the specifics of Shanquella’s death remain unclear, her relatives are aware that she was involved in a physical dispute with one of the travelers.

Following her death, a video circulated online showing the North Carolina resident seemingly disoriented as she was physically assaulted by a woman identified as Daejahnae Jackson, who kicked, punched, and threw her around.

Reportedly, Shanquella’s friends informed her mother, Salamondra Robinson, that she passed away due to alcohol poisoning, abandoned her remains at the rental property, and returned to the United States.

Shanquella’s body was later returned to the US, where a medical examiner determined her death was either accidental or the result of a violent act, with no reference to alcohol poisoning.

Nevertheless, Shanquella’s family is still seeking answers and demands justice for her passing.

“I need an arrest and a conviction for all the ones… the Cabo Six,” Shanquella’s mother said in a press conference.

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