Shadow & Bone’s Ben Barnes Reveals the Type of Role He Wants to Book Next (& It Isn’t Another Villain)

Ben Barnes of Shadow and Bone has his sights set on playing a protagonist in the near future.

The 41-year-old is currently playing a complicated character in the Netflix series, which returned for its second season this week.

He described his ideal next role, and it is drastically different. Ben also drew a line that connected his past characters, revealing some things they had in common.

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Ben described his ideal next role as “a nice rom-com in a nice [cardigan],” during a conversation with Polygon.

“I keep asking my agents, I just want to do a rom-com,” he explained. “And then they’re like, ‘Haven’t got a rom-com, but found this psychopath who’s killing a lot of young people!’”

He added that “it would be nice to play someone you’re rooting for next.”

Ben also looked back on his previous roles, finding some things that tied them all together.

“They’re all very broken in their own ways. None of the characters I’ve played have very good relationships with their parents,” he shared.

If you missed it, last year a Hollywood A-lister revealed why Ben landed a role over them.

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