Liam Payne Talks Joining Louis Tomlinson at ‘All of Those Voices’ Premiere, Being Supported by One Direction Brothers Through ‘Dark Time’

Liam Payne wanted to surprise Louis Tomlinson at the premiere of his new documentary All of Those Voices.

If you missed it, the 29-year-old “Strip That Down” crooner hit the red carpet with girlfriend Kate Cassidy in support of his One Direction brother at the premiere of his new project on Thursday evening (March 16) in London, England.

He opened up about what it meant to be there supporting Louis and explained why he wasn’t able to surprise him like he wanted to during an interview on the carpet.

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Speaking with On Demand Entertainment, Liam said that he was “so excited” and that his friend was “so passionate.” He explained that he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to make it to the event if he didn’t give Louis a heads up, ruining his initial plan to make a surprise appearance.

He shifted the focus to his relationship with Louis and the rest of his bandmates.

“I’ll be honest with you. Louis – out of everyone – all the boys have been there for me. And I’ve suffered a bit of a dark time in my life at the moment, and honestly I wouldn’t be here without the boys,” he said.

Adding that it would be “a trip down memory lane,” Liam said that “even being here it’s so nostalgic.”

While it’s unclear what “dark time” he was referring to, the star previously alluded to things getting dark after making some comments about the band, according to International The News.

While they didn’t pose for photos on the red carpet together, Liam and Louis were spotted walking side by side in extremely good spirits while leaving the premiere. It’s so nice to see pics of them together again!

If you missed it, Louis recently commented on the possibility of 1D getting back together and revealed which member of the band made him briefly feel jealous after they split.

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