Kelis Gives Health & Wellness Journey Update One Year After Husband’s Death To Stomach Cancer: ‘We Go To Doctors For Things That Don’t Make Any Sense’

Kelis Gives Health & Wellness Journey Update One Year After Husband’s Death To Stomach Cancer: ‘We Go To Doctors For Things That Don’t Make Any Sense

Kelis Rogers-Mora is opening up about life one year after her husband’s death.

The R&B singer revealed in a series of Instagram videos that she first became interested in wellness and farming “years and years and years ago” as part of an attempt to eat healthy foods while pregnant. Kelis then shared that the effort increased amid her husband’s stomach cancer, which was a “complete shock.”

She continued,

“My husband Mike got sick, this was a couple of years ago, it was right after we had our youngest, and he was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer…We were already eating well and really focused on what we put in our bodies. After he did like, eight rounds of chemo, which was beyond intense, there were things that we were doing that we saw like, ‘how are we going to get through this period of time, how are we going to get through chemo?’”

Kelis shared that she couldn’t imagine what her husband was feeling, considering how overwhelmed she was as a wife, mother and caretaker.



Following her husband’s diagnosis and as his tumor returned, the mother of three continued her research, and she ultimately discovered ozone therapy.  They eventually met the “beautiful, brilliant man” who invented the hyperbaric chamber, and he gave them a very specific mushroom recipe.

She added,

“We’ve gotten so far away from it and just so far removed, we don’t even know who to trust anymore. We don’t know where to go, we go to doctors for things that don’t make any sense. But really, it’s our food, it’s how we’re eating, it’s how we’re living and breathing and putting our feet in the soil.”

While it was too late to save her spouse, Kelis — whose three children include a daughter with her ex-husband/rapper Nas — said she began making brain food for herself and her kids.


She added,

“I moved to the farm, and we wanted to separate ourselves from all the silly things that had us stressed out and worried and angst, and all the things that didn’t really matter. When you think about wellness, when you think about health, it really is something you can take control of…Support your local farmers, support your Black farmers. Why? Because we care.”

As previously husband, Kelis lost her husband, Mike Mora, to stomach cancer in March 2022. The two wed in 2014 and share two children.

Mora, who was 37 at the time of his passing, revealed his stage IV diagnosis to his social media followers in 2021. He had already been battling the illness for 12 months when he was given an estimated 18 months to live.


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