Fizik Latest 3D-Printed Argo Saddle Is Lightweight

The new Fizik Vento Argo Adaptive 00 is claimed to weigh 175 grams (140mm width), and brings high-modulus carbon to the short nose Argo range.

Fizik’s range of performance saddles

Fizik has launched the Vento Ergo Adaptive 00, the latest in its range of performance saddles. Adding to the brand’s existing short-nose line-up, the base and rails of the Ergo Adaptive 00 are made from high-modulus carbon composite, while the ‘Adaptive’ padding is 3D-printed using the brand Carbon’s additive manufacturing technology.

Based on the existing Argo Adaptive R1

Based on the existing Argo Adaptive R1, Fizzik says the Argo 00 is 15g lighter at 140mm width. Also available in 150mm – while still utilizing Karbonn’s ‘Digital Light Synthesis’ 3D-printing technology. Provides individual zonal cushioning and a low padding profile. Fizzik says it tapped both amateurs and professionals in the development and testing of the new Argo Adaptive 00, aiming to create a true all-rounder product.

Vento Argo Adaptive 00 Price

The Vento Argo Adaptive 00 costs £399.99, which is £100 more than the stable-premium carbon-reinforced nylon construction of the Argo R1. The new saddle weighs 175 grams and 186 grams for the 140mm and 150mm widths, respectively. Fizik classifies its products in several different ways, based on the intended purpose, material, and size. In simple terms, the new saddle can be broken in as follows:

Vento Fizik Racing Series

Vento – The Racing Series from Fizzik, is designed for pro performance.
Argo – short-nosed shape aimed at various subjects
Adaptive – 3D-printing by Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology
00 – a high-module full-carbon saddle and rail
The new Argo Adaptive 00 is Fizik’s latest short-nose range of saddles, extending its 00 technology to the top-tier racing range.

00 range using high-modulus carbon respectively

The 00 range uses high-modulus carbon to reduce overall weight by 8% and 5% at 140mm and 150mm widths respectively. While Fizzik says the 3D-printed padding design allows for a seamless finish and maximum power transfer. Due to providing optimum sit bone support. Although similar in shape to the Argo R1, the Argo 00 uses low-profile padding. 43mm height vs 45.5mm at 75mm width point of the saddle.

Keeping in mind the race-oriented remit of the Vento

Zonal cushioning – varying densities across the saddle – has been implemented. Which the brand says provides stability behind the saddle and soft tissue support over the nose. This current technology claims a 60% reduction in peak pressure, although it is not clear what this compares to. In keeping with the race-oriented remit of the Vento, the short-nose design is claimed to offer better support while riding in a more aggressive, aerodynamic position.

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